Social Media

More businesses are turning to social media marketing, and with good reason. Social media gives you the opportunity to reach thousands—even millions—of potential clients instantaneously. When real estate news happens, or when you have a new listing or offer your clients need to know about, they can be in the know in mere seconds.

Social Media Best Practices

When writing content for a social media platform, first consider whether what you have to say offers true value to your readers. With a constant influx of sales and information, readers are adept at filtering out the junk and paying attention to just the good. Sales speak is perfectly acceptable, but it must accompany something of value to those reading it.

Take the time to evaluate the results of your posts. Facebook and Twitter both offer or have standalone programs that will give you useful statistics about the reach and effectiveness of your posts. Watch for patterns to decide how often to post and what to say.

Encourage reader interaction. Ask questions, offer polls and include giveaways when appropriate. If you know of a great new lender or a hot listing, post and let your readers know first. They will appreciate the information.

Social media is a great tool for your advertising arsenal. Used in conjunction with other methods, it rounds out your efforts and provides you with an excellent medium for staying in touch with clients.

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